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#sewing machine repair services are BACK !!!!!!

Telephone 07940460446

please bring in your machines for our brilliant mechanic!!!!!

This service at present is back as our excellent mechanic has been returned to us and is looking forward to repairing your machines once again.

he has expertly repaired and serviced many sewing machines with an excellent response from the owners. 

Sewing Machine Servicing and repairs

ARTBOXuk now offer sewing machine servicing and repairs from the workshops @ Whitton Community Centre.

Sewing Machines



Full Service for domestic machines-£45.00

(Includes: checking internal engine, height foot plate, timing and full clean / oiling).

Any repairs (with instruction) cost of parts and labour @£15 hour

Drop into a Workshop @ TheCommunity Centre, Percy Road. Whitton TW2


We can pick up locally for small call out charge.

Sewing machine tuition and refresher sewing courses using your own machine.

Contact us on 07940460446 -- ARTBOXuk

For more details email us through the website, Phone or pop into a workshop and have a chat.

Should you have an old machine that is very old and not repairable please don't just 'dump it on a skip -'

Please bring it to us so we can use it for parts which may keep the costs of your services down.